Marine Biologist (Antarctica)

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS), part of the Natural Environment Research Council, aims to undertake a world-class programme of scientific research, and to sustain for the UK an active and influential regional presence and a leadership role in Antarctic affairs.
We are now looking to recruit a Marine Biologist to be based at our Rothera Research Station, Antarctica.

Within the Ecosystems programme, this project will assess the biodiversity, biomass and carbon budget of rocky shore communities in the Antarctic. The core of this project requires a detailed survey of a key location that was first described 15 years ago. The project aims are to describe the community structure in sufficient detail to assess carbon flow through the benthos, and detect any differences between surveys that will indicate how animals have responded to rapid climate change in this region. There is also an opportunity to work with experienced members of the team to broaden the scope of investigations. The position involves extensive SCUBA diving to study community structure and quantify ecological parameters.  This requires extensive use of light microscopy and laboratory techniques to identify species and gather the ecological information that will feed into long term studies of shallow water communities in this region.

Qualifications: BSc 2:1, minimum
Experienced diver (minimum 100 logged dives (50 cold water and dry suit dives). Capable of passing HSE commercial diving course before deployment to Antarctica

Duration: Minimum 19th months fixed term appointment.

Application deadline: 5th May 2013

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