Temporary position as senior technician/head technician in Next-Generation Sequencing

A position as senior technician/head technician is available at the DeepSeq Genomics platform, Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, University of Nordland.

About the Position
In April 2010, the Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture formally established an advanced genomics platform based on novel DNA sequencing technologies. The Faculty seeks to strengthen its staff in order to develop the professional and technical competence associated with the genomics platform. FBA will hire a highly qualified person for a period of three years. The appointed candidate will be involved in practical work at the laboratory, data handling, and bioinformatics analyses, including the maintenance of hardware and software computing resources.

Qualifications and Responsibilities
The professional background of the candidate should be within the genomics and bioinformatics fields of research. The appointed candidate will be responsible for performing the specialised procedures of next-generation sequencing protocols and for maintaining functional instruments at the genomics platform. Familiarity with Linux OS and previous working experience with next-generation sequencing data is required. Also, experience with data base handling and computing clusters will be considered an asset. Research activities at FBA reside within aquatic biosciences. The appointee will join the Marine Genomics research group. He/she will be supporting users of the genomics platform in both the practical lab work and the biocomputing procedures and is expected to promote further adoption of the genomics toolkits among the scientific staff. The appointed candidate will be able to involve to a reasonable extent in the academically meriting activities at the Faculty. The appointed candidate might be involved in teaching and development of the Faculty’s course portfolio within the genomics field. A MSc or Ph.D degree in a relevant area is a formal requirement. The successful candidate has excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.

Personal Qualities
The position requires a highly motivated person with good interpersonal skills, who is a capable of efficient and accurate work at the molecular biology laboratory. The successful candidate should be able to work cooperatively in a team environment.

Application deadline: 21st April 2013

Please see also: http://uin.easycruit.com/vacancy/949933/38494?iso=no

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