ECORD Summer School 2013: “Deep-Sea Sediments: From Stratigraphy to Age Models”

Ocean sediment cores provide a powerful archive that enables us to reconstruct past environmental conditions including climate that are needed to understand Earth System processes on a wide range of scales in space and time. In this context, the temporal dimension of individual records, including issues like bio- and cyclostratigraphy, correlation among cores and assignment of absolute ages to sedimentary horizons is a key prerequisite for the interpretation of palaeoclimatic records.

9 – 20 September 2013 at the MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences and the IODP Bremen Core Repository, University of Bremen, Germany.

This summer school will combine lab exercises on IODP-style shipboard methodologies (“virtual ship“) as well as interactive lectures by world-leading scientists in the elds of stratigraphy and age modelling. Participation will prepare you for future involvement in IODP and for research work on the time scale of geological and palaeoclimatological processes. The summer school will take advantage of the unique and integrated facilities oered by the IODP Bremen Core Repository and the MARUM laboratories.

Application Process

To apply, please send your application (Letter of motivation, CV, registration form and one letter of support, combined into a single PDF ) to the GLOMAR office. A total of 30  participants can be accepted. The course fee is €120. Travel, accommodation and meals must be covered by the participants.

The application deadline is 30 April 2013.

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