Tenure Track Position in Systems Biological Modeling of Stressor Effects

Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, is a Swiss-based and internationally networked aquatic research institute within the ETH domain (Swiss Federal Institutes of Science and Technology).

To strengthen our research efforts toward a mechanistic understanding of the complex interactions of environmental stressors with aquatic organisms, the Department of Environmental Toxicology (Utox) invites applications for a Tenure Track Position in Systems Biological Modeling of Stressor Effects.

We are seeking applications from excellent scientists with postdoctoral training and corresponding track record able to establish an innovative research program with a clear vision and strategy to link advances in systems biology with aquatic toxicology. To establish a group with high international visibility, she/he should have:

  • profound knowledge and a research portfolio in computational systems biology, especially in mechanistic modeling aiming to link molecular and biochemical responses to stressor exposure with cell- and organism-level effects;
  • a strong interest in working together with experimentalists and computational scientists to advance theory, support experimentation, and integrate experimental outcomes into model development;
  • experience and intrinsic motivation to collaborate in multidisciplinary research teams with the aim to improve our understanding of aquatic ecosystems at various levels of biological organization and to maintain and develop a disciplinary research network with external partners

Candidates with a strong mathematical and computational modeling background are invited to apply (PhD in systems biology, engineering, physics, biomathematics/statistics, or in environmental science with emphasis on biological systems modeling).

Applications should be submitted by March 19/2013.

Please see also: http://internet1.refline.ch/673277/0167/++publications++/5/index.html

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