PhD Position in Marine Chemistry (CHE PARTIKEL-I-2013)

Variability and importance of natural non marine Particles for the vertical carbon flux in the Northeast Atlantic

At  the  Leibniz-Institute  for  Baltic  Sea  Research  (IOW)  within  the  department  of Marine Chemistry is an open 3 years part-time position (PhD) starting on 01.04.2013 subject to the availability of funding.
We are seeking a candidate with a degree  in geosciences  (Master/Diploma) preferably  in physical oceanography, mineralogy/geology, physics, marine  chemistry or marine biology
with  strong  interest  in  interdisciplinary  work.  The  aim  of  the  PhD  is  to  evaluate  the importance and abundance of selected natural particles of non marine origin (e.g. volcanic ash, spores, pollen, fungi or iberulites) in the water column of the Northeast Atlantic focused on  the Madeira Basin.   Data and samples necessary  for  the study will be collected during expeditions at sea as part of the project activities.

Application deadline is the 15th of March 2013.

For more  information,  see

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