Paper discussions in 2013

The weekly paper discussions will continue in 2013. We invite you to participate to a lively talk via Skype every Monday at 20:30h ECT. Contact us via to join our meeting and share your opinion with us. If you have problems finding the papers, let us know and we will try to help you.

Below you will find the schedule for the next weeks:

04.02.2013   Urquhart et al., (2011) “Setting an agenda for social science research in          fisheries policy in Northern Europe” Fisheries Research 108. 240-247pp.

11.02.2013   Moland et al., (2013) “Lobster and cod benefit from small-scale northern marine protected areas: inference from an empirical before–after control-impact study” Proceedings of the Royal Society B 280.

18.02.2013   Radjawali, (2011) “Social Networks and the Live Reef Food Fish Trade: Examining Sustainability” Journal of Indonesian Social Sciences and Humanities 4. 65-100pp.

25.02.2013   Rogers et al., (2013) “Centennial-scale fluctuations and regional complexity characterize Pacific salmon population dynamics over the past five centuries” PNAS.

If you have a specific paper you would like to discuss, just tell us about it. Your own work/ work in progress is also very welcome.

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