First FINET workshop

Finet is planning the organization of its first Workshop!

One of the aims of Finet is to facilitate meetings among young researchers and students to share knowledge and information in an informal environment.

We will organize a meeting to learn a little about Ecopath with Ecosim, one of the most successful ecosystem modeling suite for marine systems and fisheries issues.

The goal is to provide a general background about this tool and to go through its basic functions. Please note that this is not a professional course such as those organized by the Ecopath consortium, and will not teach you how to use it at working level. The aim is rather to explain a little bit more about this tool, and to stimulate questions and interest.

The workshop will be in Oslo around the end of January (25th-27th January). The workshop will be free of charge, but accommodation and other costs must be arranged independently.

We are now gathering information on the number of participants to plan and organize the event

Are you interested in participating? Please contact us! The earlier the better!


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