Internship: turtle conservation Benin

GLEN – Global Education Network of Young Europeans – is a joint non-profit, politically independent initiative of ten organisations from old and new member states of the European Union: Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. GLEN qualifies multipliers in Global Education. Its uniqueness lies in the combination of seminars/trainings with practice/experience and in the combination of North-South exchange with inner-European exchange.

The application period for the Multipliers’ Training Cycle 2013 has just started and will be open until 10th January 2013. The Multipliers’ Training Cycle is the main activity of GLEN and consists of two Training Seminars, a three-month internship in the Global South, a Transfer Seminar (optional) and the RENew Seminar for Reviewing, Engagement and Networking. This annual cycle trains every GLEN participant to become a Multiplier for Global Education.

This year’s projects also include one topic with relevance to marine biology and conservation: Turtle conservation in Benin from July to September 2013. For Project details, please see:

You can apply, if:

  • you are between 21 and 30 years old,
  • you are a citizen or resident of one of the 11 countries where GLEN partner  organisations are present,
  • you are engaged in community development, volunteering or other social activities (like NGOs, political parties, students organisations, cultural initiatives etc.),
  • you are interested in international development, intercultural and international affairs,
  • your education and/or professional experience, as well as your skills and qualifications conform to the requirements of the internships you would like to apply for,
  • you have a very good command of French,
  • you commit to participating in the whole GLEN training cycle,
  • you are willing to accommodate yourself with the conditions of living and working in the South,
  • you want to work/volunteer in awareness raising/global education activities in Europe after the cycle.
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