Principal Evidence Specialist vacancy

The Marine Management Organization (MMO) in Newcastle, UK, is offering a position as Principal Evidence Specialist. The responsability will be to manage the MMO’s research programme which will enhance the MMO’s evidence base on key areas, such as fisheries, co-location and cumulative effects, socio-economics, seabed habitat mapping, and ecosystem services. The candidate will act as an ‘intelligent customer’ for the organisation by identifying, commissioning and reviewing evidence contracts that will inform MMO’s decision making. The key responsibilities will be to lead on developing research projects, liaising and co-ordinating joint working with other evidence commissioning bodies and effectively disseminating research. The successful candidate will be required to represent the MMO to external stakeholders on technical and evidence issues. This includes representing the MMO on any relevant technical working groups, such as those which sit under the UK Marine Science Coordination Committee.

Candidates will be educated to PhD or MSc level in a related discipline and will have a proven track record in one or more of the recognised marine sciences, such as marine biology or ecology, fisheries science, marine environmental pollution, coastal management and/or marine geomorphology. They will have a thorough understanding of the issues and challenges of the national and international dimension in marine management and the capacity to work effectively within a multi-disciplinary environment.

Application deadline: 30th of September 2012

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