Physical Oceanographer (Modelling)

The British Antarctic Survey is inviting applications for a 3-year postdoctoral research position to undertake high-resolution model analysis to investigate dynamical processes in the Southern Ocean. The postdoctoral researcher will focus on studying the dynamics associated with interior pathways ventilating the Southern Ocean and sequestrating anthropogenic carbon using a state-of-the art high-resolution ocean model and its adjoint. The MITgcm-based Southern Ocean reanalysis “Southern State Estimate (SOSE)” ( will be used to investigate Southern Ocean ventilation, and the adjoint of the model will be run to trace back the pathways taken by water-masses since their last contact with the surface layer. Sensitivity analysis will be run to investigate the critical dynamics at play in setting the Southern Ocean ventilation and their possible change in the future. We particularly seek a researcher with an interest and talent in ocean model analysis and ability in running numerical simulations to develop deeper dynamical understanding of ocean circulation and climate. Direct previous experience of running ocean models will be seen as a significant advantage. The researcher will join a team of scientists at the British Antarctic Survey and will strongly collaborate with project partners at the National Oceanography Centre, and in the USA (Johns Hopkins, Hawaii, Scripps, Colorado State).

Application deadline: 31st of October 2012

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