PhD: Authority and the gift of nature: new approaches to regulating human and non-human interactions in aquatic environments

PhD opportunity at the University of Brighton, UK:

Claims about the ‘gift of nature’ have long been part of common culture, implying largely uncritical understandings of intention, power and authority in interactions between humans and non-human entities.

This is particularly apparent in the regulation of inland water resources in the UK, where the assertion of property interests has dominated our understanding of how decisions are made about who can own, use, manage and regulate water. This has privileged certain voices, in the process legitimating specific class-based knowledges that have focussed on how water ecosystems serve anthropocentric needs, rather than on more fundamental questions about the earth’s agency in negotiating human/non-human relationships.

This proposal seeks to interrogate the emergence and context of these decisions, and what they tell us about how authority is produced, augmented and deployed in resource allocation and management decisions affecting aquatic environments.

Application deadline: 8th June 2012

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