PhD: Analysis and evaluation of digital holographic recordings of marine plankton and other organisms and particles

PhD opportunity at the University of Aberdeen, UK: A digital holocamera, “eHoloCam”, developed in the School of Engineering at University of Aberdeen offers a unique method of non-destructive imaging of objects in 3D volumes of water over a large depth-of-field including 3D video capability and capture of phase (transparent) objects. It has been tested to 450 m depth in the North Sea and many hundreds of holographic videos have revealed species of interest including phytoplankton, arrow worms, jelly-fish larvae, and copepods over a wide range of sizes. Software has been developed for autofocusing of particles in the holovideos and their analysis. The student will also participate in trails of a new version of eHoloCam operating to 10,000 m depth in the Pacific Ocean.

The student will analyse archived holo-videos as well new deep water recordings, interpreting data and producing distribution maps of species and populations densities. He/she would also be expected to make contributions to further development of the analysis software.

Application deadline: 31st May 2012

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