PhD Position in Biogeochemistry at ZMT Bremen, Germany

The Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology (ZMT) GmbH in Bremen, Germany, has a vacancy for a Ph.D. student to start in March/April 2012 within the framework of a bilateral Indonesian / German project titled: “Carbon sequestration in the Indonesian Seas
and its global significance: Generation of scientific knowledge for formulating strategies for
adaptation to climate change (CISKA)”. This project is part of a larger initiative called  “Science for the Protection of Indonesian Coastal Marine Ecosystems (SPICE)”. Within this context we will study the coastal carbon cycle and quantify CO2 emission from the Indonesian Seas into the atmosphere caused by declining coastal ecosystems. Therefore we will estimate carbon fluxes from rivers into the coastal ocean and from the coastal ocean into sediments. Furthermore the impact of these fluxes on the carbonate chemistry and biomineralization in the coastal sea will be investigated. The work will be carried out in Indonesia and in the ZMT laboratories in close cooperation with our national and international partners. The appointment is for a three-year period.

Applicants should hold a Master or Diploma degree in chemistry, geology, biology, or related fields and should ideally have experience with marine carbon chemistry.

Closing Date: March 31, 2012 or until a qualified candidate is identified.

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