Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Marine Biology/ecology or Fisheries Science (Chile)

The successful candidate will show a strong background in ecology or fisheries, hold strong statistical/analytical skills and have demonstrated experience in leading subtidal field campaigns. He/she must be interested in conducting research at the interface among fisheries, ecology and oceanography and actively interact with a collaborative team studying the main processes affecting coastal biodiversity and population abundance across a mosaic of human impact. This includes looking at the role of coastal circulation and connectivity among marine communities over meso-spatial scales taking into account social drivers and formal management practices to propose alternative conservation and management plans for Chile.

The successful candidate will have freedom to target these broad research problems according to their own interest and experience. Close collaboration with coastal oceanographers, ecologists and social scientists is expected. This is a full-time, 18-month position.

Required Qualifications: a PhD in marine biology/ecology or fisheries science; a proven ability to lead and publish research; fluency in English.

Desirable Qualifications: working knowledge of Spanish; immediate availability.

Candidates should submit their CV, publication list, a letter briefly outlining the candidate\’s research background and proposed research plans, and the names and contact information of three references (electronic submission in one PDF document is strongly preferred).

Send your applications or requests to: Miriam Fernández

Application deadline: 15 March 2012

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