Fisheries data & statistics expert position at IMARES, The Netherlands

IMARES research center offers an interesting position.

“Our fisheries research heavily relies on data we collect on board of research & commercial vessels, as well as data collected at fish auctions. These data need to be collected in a representative and efficient manner, and subsequently analysed and summarised  into usable pieces of information for our research and for data-reporting to the EU and other contracting parties. For this we constantly design new data collection programmes and develop new and better data analysis routines. We are looking for someone to take charge in such activities as a researcher and project leader.

You enjoy using a wide variety of statistical techniques to summarise the important features in complex data sets, and are enthusiastic about communicating this to a varied audience including the general public. You are a team player who knows that close collaboration with colleagues who are involved in data collection is key in understanding data. Experience in the design of surveys or the analysis of data from designed surveys is particularly relevant for this post. You must enjoy working on a variety of both short-term and long-term projects in teams with your colleague researchers. You should have a quantitative background and strong analytical skills. You should have good communicative skills and be able to perform well in stressful conditions. You will be able to operate in English, but it is important that you acquire a reasonable working knowledge of Dutch over time.

We offer an interesting job, working with enthusiastic colleagues on various projects. Salary depends on relevant experience and will be ranging from 2412 euro – 3932 euro per month; before taxes for 36 hours per week.  For more information: Tammo Bult (head of the department Fisheries), of Anja Helstone (HR consultant), Location of work will be IJmuiden, expiring date to apply is 11th of Febuary 2012.

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