PhD Research Fellow position in Fisheries Economics at CEES, Oslo

The PhD fellow will be part of the project “Strengthening the adaptive capacity of institutions in fisheries” funded by The Norwegian Research Council as part of the Programme “Climate Change and its impacts on Norway” (NORKLIMA).

The position is available from August 15th for a period of 3 years.

Project description

The successful candidate will work in a research team that analyzes the feedbacks between climatic, social and ecological forces with the aim to strengthen the adaptive capacity of institutions that govern marine ecosystems, focusing on the Barents Sea ecosystem. Typical issues to be studied are (i) how informal institutions, such as social norms and cultural identity, influence behavior of individual fishermen, (ii) how formal institutions, such as government regulatory agencies, respond to environmental change and its effect on resource users, (iii) how biological complexity, such as the risk of a resource collapse induced by climate change, should be reflected in management plans.

This project will be carried out at the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES); Department of Biology, in close collaboration with the Department of Economics, both at University of Oslo.

Application deadline: 20.02.2012.


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