Three professorships at the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology and the University of Bremen (Germany)

Tropical coastal ecosystems are highly productive habitats with increasing ecological and economic importance. The Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology (ZMT) is dedicated to the study of these ecosystems and the services they provide to human society. The mission of ZMT is therefore the investigation of tropical marine ecosystems, their  resources, their sensitivity and the responses to natural environmental changes and human interactions. The aim of ZMT is to develop concepts for integrated coastal zone management based on the scientific analysis of tropical ecosystems in their complexity. To address this topic, ZMT is designed as trans- and interdisciplinary institute. Since joining the Leibniz Association in 2009, ZMT has been expanding its expertise spectrum. As part of this process, three new professorships will be established in co-operation with the  University of Bremen for which we seek outstanding researchers. Candidates should be renowned for their scientific expertise and strong research profile. They need to commit to the mission of the ZMT combined with exceedingly relevant contributions to the program of the institute. For this purpose, the ability to work on an interdisciplinary level between natural and social sciences is ideally combined with field experience in tropical countries. Already existing active research contacts to tropical countries are an asset; the willingness to work abroad together with partners in the tropics is a prerequisite for the appointments. Furthermore, experience and strong potential in the acquisition of third party funded  projects is highly important.

The available positions are:

1) Professorship in Ecotoxicology (W2)

2) Professorship in Marine Plant Ecology (W2)

3) Professorship in Social Sciences (W2)

Application deadline is the 6th of January

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