Postdoc positions – Fisheries Population Modeller/Fisheries Oceanographer at DTU Aqua

Postdoc position – Fisheries Population modeller/fisheries Oceanographer to investigate effects of climate change on cod spatial distributions and trophic interactions in the north Atlantic. The period of employment is 1.5 years with possibilities for prolongation. Starting time is January 17, 2012.

Research area and questions
Cod is a widely distributed high level predator in marine ecosystems of the north Atlantic.   It preys on species such as herring, capelin, and northern shrimp. The predator-prey interactions between cod and its prey will likely change as climate change progresses during the coming decades. These changes could occur because distributions of cod and prey species will shift. However, some species may change their distributional ranges more than others and the changes themselves will depend on regional differences in the impact of climate change on hydrographic conditions in local areas. Research will investigate how the distributions of the species will change, and how to integrate knowledge of species interactions between cod and its prey into species distribution models. Expected outputs are new combined species distribution – trophic interaction models which include process knowledge of both predator and prey biology, and maps of forecasted distributions of predator and prey.

The work should consider species’ entire ranges, rather than on a local stock-by-stock basis, and address the regional impact of climate change on key life history parameters (e. g., recruitment, growth, maturation). The work should integrate species interactions (e. g., predation), population dynamics modeling (e. .g, cohort analyses, predator-prey interactions) and species habitat modeling, and yield process-oriented insight to mechanisms affecting distribution and abundance in different areas of the north Atlantic.

Applications should be received no later than 31 October 2011

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