CeMEB Advanced Course 2011: Marine Evolution – Patterns and Processes

21 – 25 November 2011

Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences, Tjärnö, Sweden

The Linnaeus Centre for Marine Evolutionary Biology at the University of Gothenburg (CeMEB) invites PhD students and postdocs from all over the world to gather for one week in a stimulating environment to discuss patterns and processes in marine evolution as well as learning about new methods in genetics and genomics.

The marine environment enables most species to spread widely through floating or swimming propagules, larvae or juveniles, still many species show striking patterns of small-scale genetic structure and local adaptation. What are rules and what are exceptions? Are there differences between taxonomic or ecological entities? And at the genome level, are different genetic markers revealing the same pictures?


Besides Prof. Kerstin Johannesson and the team from CeMEB, Prof. Roger Butlin and Dr Juan Galindo from University of Sheffield, UK, and Prof. Ester Serrao from University of Algarve will participate.


The course is funded through the Royal Swedish Academy of Science and therefore free of charge, including lodging and meals. Travel expenses are not included.

Important dates:

30th September – deadline for applications
7th October – notification of acceptance or rejection


Your applications should include:

  • Short description of your research interest and why you would like to participate, max one A4 page
  • CV with publication list

Send your application by mail to: eva.marie.rodstrom@gu.se


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