PhD project at University of Stirling & Bergen Institute of Marine Research: Genetic differences between farmed and wild Atlantic salmon: a comparison of gene transcription profiles under controlled conditions.

The continuing expansion of the global Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) aquaculture industry is mirrored by long-term declines in wild salmon stocks, which are believed to reflect diverse anthropogenic and environmental pressures. Interactions between wild and farmed salmon and their pathogens have important consequences both for the sustainability of salmon aquaculture and for the survival and fitness of wild salmon stocks. In order to develop a better understanding of these interactions and to allow monitoring of changes in wild populations, it is essential to establish baseline data concerning the genomics of wild and farmed fish, in terms of population genetics and transcriptomic responses.

The student will be trained in a range of techniques including salmon husbandry, experimental design, microarray, sample preparation for high-throughput sequencing and bioinformatics analysis, qPCR and lab techniques such as hormonal/enzymatic/molecular assays for blood as well as a range of transferable skills such as scientific writing / conference presentation.

Candidates must have a First/Upper Second Class BSc or MSc in a relevant subject.  While it would be an advantage for candidates to have molecular experience, it is not essential. Candidates must have the aptitude and commitment to be trained and work in both molecular laboratory and field research environments. The applicant will be based at the UoS but will be required to spend up to 2-3 months per year in Norway to undertake experiments at IMR research facilities. Applications are only invited from UK / EU candidates or those with additional independent funding.

Complete applications, consisting of a covering letter, an up-to-date CV and the name and contact details of two referees (at least one academic referee) should be submitted to Candidates will then be selected and interviewed. Closing date for applications 9th September 2011.

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