Florida Program for Shark Research: Full time Field Research Biologist

The Florida Program for Shark Research (FPSR) at the Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida, is seeking candidates for a full time Field Research Biologist position.  The successful applicant will conduct studies on the movements and abundance of elasmobranchs within coastal waters of Florida.  Duties of the position include: planning and leading field sampling trips, supervising field technician(s) and interns, managing permit and grant applications, data analysis, report preparation, and small boat maintenance.

Minimum Requirements:   A master’s degree in biology or related discipline and one year of appropriate experience, or a bachelor’s degree in biology or related discipline and two years of appropriate experience. 

Preferred Qualifications:  Experience tracking fishes using passive, active and satellite telemetry techniques; experience handling, measuring, and tagging elasmobranchs and other fishes in harsh conditions; knowledge of Florida fish fauna; experience maintaining, towing and driving small research vessels; experience with a variety of fishing gears and associated maintenance; experience with database management; experience with statistical packages such as SAS or R.

Special Instructions to Applicants:  Frequent overnight trips and work on weekends will be required.  This is a programmatic core position that best suits a person with a burning desire to work with elasmobranchs and be part of an active research program.  Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, complete CV and contact information for two references to George Burgess (electronic is best – gburgess@flmnh.ufl.edu).

 Salary:  Salary range commensurate qualifications and experience. The position has one year of guaranteed funding with additional years of funding pending

Closing Date:                      30th August 2011


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