World Conference on Marine Biodiversity

When? September 26-30, 2011

Where? Aberdeen, Scotland

The oceans provide an irreplaceable resource to humankind which must be protected and managed into the future. The impact of changes in biodiversity as a result of direct and indirect human impact must be fully considered.

The World Conference on Marine Biodiversity has the overall aim of bringing together scientists, practitioners and the public to discuss and advance our understanding of the issues surrounding the importance of biodiversity in the marine environment. The conference will address issues of marine biodiversity across a deliberately wide range of relevant spheres and interacting topics.

More specifically the conference aims to:

  • Review our knowledge of marine biodiversity and its role in marine ecosystem functioning
  • Assess the most critical threats to marine systems and consider management strategies
  • Discuss sustainable development and socio-economic impacts on the marine sector
  • Identify future research priorities

The conference will be aimed at the widest possible groups of participants stakeholders from academics to industry and include elements specifically targeted at the public and school children. 

The conference structure and format is designed to maximise interaction between participants mixing oral presentations, digital object displays, workshops and exhibition. The conference will have an interdisciplinary focus and is organised into generic themes rather than by species or habitats to maximise interdisciplinary linkages.

Conference Themes

  • Taxonomy
  • Biodiversity
  • Changes in Biodiversity with Time
  • Marine Technology: Platforms and Sensors for the 21stCentury
  • Blue Biotechnology
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Climate Change
  • Marine Extremes
  • Bioinformatics and Data Delivery
  • Advances in Statistics in Relation to Marine Biodiversity Science
  • Marine Policy and Law
  • Marine Biodiversity and Human Health
  • Integrative Frameworks of Linking Physical Dynamics and Biodiversity
  • Biodiversity – Ecosystem Function
  • Linking Biodiversity – Ecosystem Function and Services
  • Biodiversity, Education and Outreach
  • Environmental Physiology
  • Human Impacts of Biodiversity

Early registration until the 1st of July. Final registration deadline is the 2nd of September.

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