Conference: CoastGIS 2011

When? September 5-8, 2011

Where? Oostende, Belgium

Many governments, including the European Commission, now recognise the importance of holistic Marine and Coastal Spatial Planning in order to meet the challenges presented in managing our coastlines more effectively – and preserving them for future generations in a time of climate change, associated global sea level change and economic uncertainty. CoastGIS 2011 is aimed to help to fullfill these tasks. In its 10th edition, it will treat the follwing topics:

Technology Themes:

  • Applying Geospatial Data Interoperability Standards (to improve Data Sharing)
  • Advances in Remote Sensing, Earth Observation and Imagery Processing and Management
  • New Sensors & Sensor Webs (in the coastal and marine environments)
  • Advanced Visualisation Tools and Technologies
  • Mobile GIS in the Marine Environment
  • “IT at Sea” – Advances in Hydrographic Survey Techniques, Tools and Technology
  • Open Source GIS for Coastal/Marine Applications

ICZM Methods and Applications:

  • Management Tools for Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)
  • Exploring and Managing Marine Boundaries Issues
  • Advances in Decision Support Systems (DSS) for ICZM
  • Modelling Coastal Processes
  • Managing Risks in Coastal Environments

Thematic Areas:

  • Impact of Climate Change on the Coast, Coastal Communities & Marine Resources
  • Environmental Conservation in the Coastal Zone
  • Pollution Monitoring and Control
  • Sustainable Use of Coastal Resources
  • Integrating Coastal and River Basin Catchment Data
  • Disaster Monitoring and Mitigation at the Coast
  • Informing and Involving the Public in Coastal Decision Making
  • Planning for Sustainable Coastal Tourism
  • Coastal Planning and Management for Small Islands
  • Protecting Coastal Heritage

Non-Technical Themes:

  • Coastal/Marine Spatial Data Infrastructures (including Data Access and Sharing Policies)
  • Marine Spatial Planning and Monitoring
  • Socio-economic Issues Affecting Coastal Communities
  • Public Participation GIS (PPGIS) for Coastal Communities (Best Practice Examples)
  • IT in Education & Training for Coastal Zone Researchers and Managers (e-Learning and the Internet)

Early registration before the 20th of June and regular registration before the 2oth of July.

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