2x PhD & 2x Postdocs for project on ecological, economic and social perspectives on recreational uses of freshwater

The Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB), Germany, invites applications for PhDs and Postdocs within the project AquaTAG: “Recreation activities in inland waters: Dynamics, ecological impacts, social significance and sustainable management”.  AQUATAG is an innovative interdisciplinary project that aims bringing together social-ecological interrelations in the field of recreation ecology. The project considers interactions between recreational uses, condition and attractiveness of water bodies, ecological effects as well as conflicts of use and management objectives and will consider data of social media, surveys, ecological field surveys and modelling.

  • Postdoc 1 (80%): social-ecological conceptual model development and project coordinator. The post is designed to coordinate overall project activities and communication between involved scientific and praxis partners. Further the candidate will be involved in the aquiration, meta-analysis and interpretation of social media data as well as developing spatio-temporal conceptual models to develop/improve management approaches for water based recreational activities in Germany. Beyond this the preparation and publication of central project results in form of international reviewed papers, flyers, policy briefs, web-contents, tweets and blog entries has to be organized and conducted by the candidate.
  • Postdoc 2 (100%): social-ecological modelling. The ideal candidate has a strong mathematical and programming background and a solid understanding of social and/or ecological concepts, combining experience in spatial explicit approaches in environmental modelling (e.g. agent-based or gravity model approaches) with an interest in confronting social-ecological theory and models with experimental data. Research experience in participatory methods during modelling and scenario analysis and in the general ecology of aquatic ecosystems is particularly useful, although not a strict requirement. Expertise in developing empirical-conceptual model approaches would be advantageous.
  • PhD 1 (66%):  ecological impacts of leisure activities. The objective of the PhD project in the ecological impacts work package is to identify and analyse the ecological impacts of a variety of recreational activities in, on and along freshwaters. The focus is primarily on but not limited to non-motorized activities. Beside a meta-analytical exploration of the existing knowledge, the work package has a strong experimental and field work component aiming in spatially and temporally explicitly quantifying potential ecological impacts on fishes, birds and other aquatic and semiaquatic taxa.
  • PhD 2 (66%): spatio-temporal distributions of recreation activities. The objective of the PhD project is to derive dynamics and spatial pattern of recreational uses from various data sources, such as social media data, surveys and field observations. In this context site characteristics (e.g. weather, naturalness, water quality, reachability, social milieus) will be linked with the perception and preferences of users to identify usage-type specific distributions and frequencies at different scales across Germany.

Application deadline: 10. February 2019

Please see also: https://www.igb-berlin.de/stellenangebote

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Baltic Sea Pike: Two postdocs (fisheries modelling and human dimensions/bioeconomics of fisheries), one PhD student (fisheries biology, ideally telemetry experience) and one communications manager

Four open positions at the Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) in Berlin, Germany:

  • PhD student (m/f) in Fisheries Ecology
  • PostDoc (m/f) in Quantitative Fisheries Science and Modelling
  • PostDoc (m/f) in Human Dimensions of Fisheries
  • Communications Manager (m/f) for Sustainable Fisheries

All positions are available from January, 1, 2019 for up to three (Human Dimensions PostDoc) or four years (PhD, Modelling Postdoc, Communications Manager) in the research group of Prof. Dr. Robert Arlinghaus (www.ifishman.de). It is as part of a four year project to study the dynamics and management of Baltic Sea northern pike (Esox lucius) in close cooperation with the State Research Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries, Institute of Fisheries in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Rostock) and with a range of fisheries stakeholders.

Please see also: https://www.igb-berlin.de/en/jobs

Deadline for application: September, 21, 2018 

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Workshop on Ecological Network Analysis

From September 19 to 21, the working group Resource Management will hold a workshop on Ecological Network Analysis at the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) in Bremen, Germany:

– Session I: Introduction and Context
– Session II: Trophic networks in tropical freshwater systems
– Session III: Using Network models for management and conservation
– Session IV: Global use of Ecological Network Models
– Session V: Comparing food webs geographically

Network analysis provides a valuable tool for the understanding of human-nature interactions, and has been particularly applied for studying the structure and functioning of coastal and marine ecosystems and the effects of human activities such as fisheries on the ecosystem level. The workshop shall provide a forum for discussion for the Ecopath with Ecosim (EwE) and enaR science communities to present case study examples and discuss state-of-the-art approaches for ecological network analysis (ENA). It will focus on tools presently used for Ecosystem modelling and Ecosystem-based Fisheries Management and Conservation, but shall also provide examples of novel approaches for the mapping and analysis of socio-ecological networks for the purposes of management and conservation. Since ENA approaches have already been applied to hundreds of systems worldwide (alone >700 trophic Ecopath network models have been constructed over the past three decades), a special focus of the workshop shall be placed on the analysis of differences between systems (e.g. temperate vs. tropical, freshwater vs. marine, coastal vs.offshore) in their network properties as expressed in ENA-indicators.

Registration is now open! Please visit this link for more information:

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PhD Position in the History of Aquaculture

The Faculty of Humanities at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway, offers a full-time 3-year PhD position at the Department of Historical Studies. The PhD position is connected to the strategic research area Oceans, through the pilot programme Responsible Ocean Research and Innovation (HAVANSVAR). The PhD candidate will here be part of a substantial network of interdisciplinary scholarship addressing ethical, cultural, communicative, narrative and historical dimensions of the marine environment.

Within this framework, the PhD position will especially contribute to the Aqua/Cultures working group by investigating the historical development of the arrangements and mechanisms by which humans have produced knowledge about marine beings and environments and how representations of such knowledge have shaped particular ways of understanding and living with marine beings and oceans.

The proposed PhD project should employ a historical perspective on the development of aquaculture, preferably challenging established understandings of aquaculture as a purely industrial, technological or economic matter. We also emphasise that aquaculture here is to be understood to encompass more than fish farming. We welcome project proposals on historical investigation of marine aquaculture broadly conceived and on any geographical area, yet the temporal framework should be contained within the period 1700-2000.


The applicant must have a master’s degree (or equivalent) in history or a related discipline that provide experience with historical scholarship. A strong academic record is required, specified as a weighted average grade of at least B for the two last years of the MA degree programme, in terms of NTNU’s grading scale. We will rank qualified applicants based on the quality, originality and potential of the proposed project, its relevance for the overarching project and its feasibility. The candidate should include a 5-page project proposal outlining possible topics and background for the project as well as thoughts on its overall contributions and relevance. We will invite promising candidates to an interview for the position. The purpose of the interview is to assess the candidates’ motivation, ambitions and personal suitability for the position.

Application deadline: August 5th, 2018.

Please see also: https://www.jobbnorge.no/ledige-stillinger/stilling/153894/phd-position-in-the-history-of-aquaculture-at-the-department-of-historical-studies-hf-18-006

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5th EEF Congress: “Ecology across borders: Embedding Ecology in Sustainable Development Goals”

The 5th Congress of the European Ecological Federation (EEF) will be held in Lisbon, Portugal,  from the 29th to 2nd August, with the topic of: “Ecology across borders: Embedding Ecology in Sustainable Development Goals”.

The Congress aims to present the most advanced achievements of ecological research and the burgeoning issues of ecologists, discussing inter-, intra- and trans-disciplinarily their impacts on the present problems societies face. Using the officially called “Major Groups” of United Nations, the conference intend to extend discussions based on ecologically relevant interfaces to tackle the sustainable development goals and help to create a more sustainable biosphere and a more equitable society. According to previous EEF congresses we are expecting more than 700 participants eager to present and discuss their research findings.

Please see also: http://eeflisbon2019.org/en/content/sessions/topics/Topics.html

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Co-funding for post-doctoral research positions to French or foreign scientists

ifremerIFREMER, l’Institut Français de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la Mer, France, offers co-funding for post-doctoral research positions to French or foreign scientists. Conditional to obtaining complementary funds, these post-doctoral research positions are contracted for a duration of 12 months, extendable by an additional 6-month period.

Eligibility and selection criteria:
•    The major selection criterion will be the candidate’s scientific excellence and the adequation between their skills and experience and the proposed post-doctoral subject.
•    Candidates must hold their PhD since less than 6 years.
•    Candidates must not have been previously employed as post-doctoral researchers in an Ifremer research unit nor in a joint research unit in which Ifremer is involved.
•    Candidates who have prepared their PhD in an Ifremer (joint) research unit are not entitled to carry on with post-doctoral research in the context of this call. They must have had a post-doctoral research experience of at least 2 years outside Ifremer (joint) research units.

The deadline for applications is 10 September 2018. However, interested applicants are invited to get in touch with the contact scientists, who can provide complementary information, as early as possible.

Please see also: https://wwz.ifremer.fr/en/Research-Technology/Scientific-strategy/Post-doctoral-research-positions-2018-2019

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Postdoc: Vulnerability of marine fish and fisheries to climate change

ccmar_defaultThe Algarve Centre for Marine Sciences (CCMAR), Portugal, opens a call for a Doctoral Researcher (M/F) under the research project “CLIMFISH: Análise da vulnerabilidade da pesca costeira às mudanças climáticas na costa Portuguesa, ref. ALG-01-0145-FEDER-028518”.

Working Plan:
Reporting to the project PI and seniors of the multidisciplinary team, the candidate (Doctoral Researcher) will be responsible for/to:

•    Carry out research, publication and support debate around climate change impact in key commercial fish species and fisheries, assess socio-economic impacts and promote adaptation strategies.
•    Organize and promote workshops among scientists, fishing producer’s organizations, fishing industry, fishing professionals, managers and fisheries police makers and in-person meetings with multiple stakeholder groups that could be used for fisheries management and conservation under climate change threats.
•    Work and help to coordinate the multi-disciplinary team (climate scientists, ecologists, socio-economists, oceanographers) within a good working environment.
•    Evaluate the effect of climate change impacts on key fish species (evaluate sensitivity, exposure and adaptability based on species biological and ecological traits) and evaluate climate change effects on fisheries socio-economic related activities (sensitivity, exposure and adaptability of the fishing sector).
•    Help investigate and test new approaches, tools and methods to characterize and predict fisheries climate vulnerability and enable climate adaptation at regional scale.
•    Participate in developing reports and scientific papers on issues related to climate change vulnerability, impacts and adaptation (using good communication skills and an ability to simplify language for different fisheries stakeholders).
•    Help to lead an independent research and to apply to funding.
•    Train researchers at the graduate, master and doctoral level.

Madatory Required Profile: Any National, foreign and stateless candidate(s) that hold the following requirements can apply:
1.    PhD in Natural Sciences, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Biological Sciences or related area.
2.    A minimum of 3 years of research experience as post-doc in the climate change field or related area.
3.    Specific knowledge in marine environment ecosystems.
4.    Strong teamwork and communication skills.
5.    Be a holder of a B category-driving license (with permission to drive in Portugal).
6.    Fluent in  English language.

Application period: between 28 of May and 26 of June 2018

Please see also: https://www.ccmar.ualg.pt/en/job/call-doctoral-researcher-mf-hiring-under-artcle-19-decree-law-nr-572016-29th-august-altered-law

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